Kaleb Crump, a dynamic 19 year old Mississippi native, that has multi skilled professional proven experience in leadership and community involvement, with a solid record of accomplishments in community service, personal and communication skills, as well as managing multiple projects concurrently with strong detail, problem solving and follow through capabilities, is driven by journalism with a concentration in Public Relations. Majoring in Mass Communication at Xavier University of Louisiana.

This blog will feature my internship, 24 Carrot Garden. The post will be on a weekly basis of events that are happening, features of the children, projects that are happening with the garden and kids, and overall improvement.

The St.Roch community of the lower 8th ward has a hidden garden treasure chest. Follow the Crumpette if you’re interested in New Orleans culture and seeing the African American community evolve and endeavor success.

Here are links to some of my blogs post:

Photo Gallery

Semester Wrap Up

Learning Rhythm

Magic at the garden

24 Carrot Magic!

Crowd Sourcing: Healthy Nutrition in the Community

To Immigrants/Minorities

A Day in City Park


Photojournalist: Brionna Wilcher

The Harvest

The Seed

The Soil

24 Carrot Garden Nola