The Seed

The Seed:
Today’s blog will feature a notable individual by the name of Otis Addison.image_01

A 22 year old man who lives in the St. Roch community of New Orleans. Otis would describe himself as a cool person; a cool dad of an 11 month old named Emonie, and has an easy life. Pizza and hot wings are his favorite foods, and on Wednesday when he’s not working Otis goes to the gym to play basketball or football. Also in his spare time he likes to work on cars and help people out.


OTIS was involved in an incident that led him to get arrested. He was protecting his little sister from being beaten by a mob of men, and when the police arrived the other people involved ran, leaving him the only person on the scene. With the incident Otis is facing 15 years in Jail.


With the violence rising in the 7 and 9 wards, Otis and his family were magnetized into a situation. Fourteen of the 55 shooting incidents in the city in January happened in the 5th Police District which includes St. Roch.


“My 19 year old brother Jamie looks up to me. I know if I go to jail I will lose my positive influence with my younger siblings, and the garden also. Things won’t be the same especially at the garden, like me running around having fun with them.”-Otis


Otis feels as if his biggest misconception about him is the incident. The people who don’t know the great things that he does. The great things that go unseen are what make up Otis.


When asked how he feels about Ms.T and the 24 Carrot Garden coming into his life he said “I love it! I think if I didn’t have Ms.T in my life I’d be around here hustling to get a lawyer. Ms.T changed a lot. She helped me figure out the person I am today, an honest person. I could see Ms.T as my aunt.”-Otis


Otis doesn’t regret helping to defending his sister at that moment she needed him by her side. “If I wasn’t there she would’ve ended up beaten or broken, so I was kind of in the right and wrong place at the same time.”-Otis

After a long day of work, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays Otis comes to the garden to help Ms.T, but he never abrogates the task of thanking God when he wakes up and also talking to his daughter. Also with Otis being the breadwinner for his family he’s always hungry searching for a new job every day.


Otis is pictured here in the red shirt digging dirt out one of the beds to transfer it to another.


Otis described himself in one word with a big smile as “AWESOME!” The definition for awesome is: causing feelings of great admiration or respect. Everyone would at 24 Carrot Garden and in the St. Roch community would agree that Otis Addison falls under in that category


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