Photojournalist: Brionna Wilcher

image_01-6Brionna Wilcher, a 15 year old aspiring photojournalist in the 10th grade who attends Lusher Charter School in New Orleans, Louisiana. She’s in the CA program specified for media students where they learn photography, cinematography, and photo shop.

Just entering the field of photojournalism Brionna says she’s inspired because “I want to be a photojournalist because since a young age I’ve always been intrigued by pictures, how they’re made, and the stories told with them. I currently am training to do the same thing on a different caliber. I want to take pictures that catches a person’s eye and makes them feel a variety of emotions.”-Brionna

So how do you take pictures that tell a complete and compelling story?

“I use photography to tell a complete and compelling story by choosing interesting subjects that just by their own look tell a story, the location/ background gives a narrative, and also thinking about  how the composition of the picture would help tell a story. For example, a waist up shot of a young African American artist with several of their paintings behind them and having deep seriousness in their eyes looking directly at the camera would give the image_01-10narrative of a young person very dedicated to their work.”


How do you get that deep emotion out of a person, or get that right image from a place in the just way you want on film?

“Photography is all about trial and error. So originally I might have one vision and end up having another idea or changing it up because of lighting or various different reasons. However, trying to figure out where I want my subject at depends on the overall mood I want to present in my pictures.”

What camera gear do you use to keep what you do the best? Also what makes a good picture stand out from the average?image_01-7

“I currently use a Canon Rebel DSLR T5 to take all my pictures with. The program I use to edit my pictures with is Adobe Light room.”

“A good picture stands out from average ones by being able to tell how much dedication the photographer put into their work and if when you look at a picture you immediately feel an emotion.”

Being new in the industry has multimedia enhanced or hindered your success in the field?

“Multimedia platforms have enhanced my field because I get the opportunity to also promote other art forms. It has opened several doors for me.”


Brianna Alysse

Who influenced you to making photojournalism your career path and how did they influence your thinking?

“A photographer that influenced me is Brianna Alysse. Mainly because of her photography style. She does the exact same thing I want to do which is fashion photography but with amazing subjects and her works are so well composed.”


Brionna is what the future looks like for multimedia journalism. It is rare to see a multimedia journalist who truly fits the definition of the craft, a mastery of many different types of journalism and the wisdom to know which to use.

You can follow her on Twitter for picture updates at @KillaB_Photo.

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