The Harvest

If you have watched any news outlet after Tuesday February 7th, you would see it has been an unhinged week down in New Orleans, Louisiana.  7 large unruly tornadoes struck New Orleans East, leapfrogging from neighborhood to neighborhood. Leaving everyone lost or some feeling hopeless, because the last time a major disaster happened in New Orleans was Katrina. Tornadoes in New Orleans


A Woman reacts to the damage a tornado caused in her neighborhood.








That Tuesday afternoon 24 Carrot Garden was still scheduled to come together. But, that meeting was more than coming to the garden for garden time. It was the beginning of a healing process all over. Also reestablishing the peace at the Garden and in the city of New Orleans.peace-symbol








That Tuesday 24 Carrot Garden became a sort of petting zoo. There were birds brought in, turtles (TBoy the turtle who lives at the Garden), and a cocoon. Playing with animals greatly influence emotional, cognitive and social development of children. The Vital Role of Animals in Childhood.


The kids were digging into the information of learning about what the animals do and how they act. Their favorite part was putting the birds on their heads or holding them. No one knew how to treat the birds at first since they were knew to them, but after a while they became a crowd favorite. They also dug all through the garden to find 2 worms for TBoy the turtle and hovered over him as he frantically ate them. The little kids leaned more toward the cocoon because it was calm and didn’t move.

The Garden is getting bunnies next week so stay tuned!



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