In my Adv. Write for Converged Media course, our professor challenged us to use Storify to create a short narrative that goes along with the theme of our website. If you are familiar with the NBA’s All Star Week, please do not hesitate to comment what you think of the post. Storify All Star Weekend Post

I set up my Storify account in Google Chrome, linked my Twitter account and added some tweets about the event into a draft story.  Simple.

The aim I decided to take for the post was a very recent event that went on locally in New Orleans (All Star Weekend), so it came to me easily than it might have for other first stories.

The post highlighted the silver linings of the weekend, as a substitute of highlighting entertaining parts. In majorities eyes they became the most influential thing that took place by the end of the weekend.

The post specifically speaks on the topics of; the-ball

How Nike is making strides to use the power of sports to encourage people to make positive changes with its EQUALITY campaign. ant-davisAnthony Davis winning MVP,and Boogie Cousins trade.boogie-and-ant

Also the #SagerStrong Campaign.sager-strongStorify All Star Weekend Post



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