A Day in City Park

Challenge: My Adv. Converged Media Writing Professor challenged the class at City Park in New Orleans, LA to adventure with just our phone cameras and bring back at least 8 quality pictures that tell a story in 25 minutes, but only (choose) 4 for a blog post.


For those who have never been to New Orleans or visited City Park paint the picture in your mind of a place as grand as Central Park in New York. City Park is as magical and unique as the city of New Orleans. The 1,300-acre outdoor oasis has enchanted New Orleanias since 1854, making it one of the nation’s oldest urban parks. While this wasn’t my first time going to the park it was my first time going in to the park as deep as I did. To my amazement, the park as roller coasters and a theme park for kids! Seeing those items made me think the assignment was going to be quite easier, but I forgot human beings can sometimes be a challenge.

image_01Immediately as the 25 minutes started to count down, I walked toward the wild life because animals are always posing for the camera or worth a picture in some way. Astonishingly an alligator was sunbathing 100 yards in front of me in the water. Kayakers and Canoers grew curious but the alligator was just there for the sun and the sun only.

IMG_0276While upon my stroll through City Park looking for pictures worth a story, this lovely woman and her dog caught my attention while I was admiring ducks sleeping wishing it were me. She reminded me of my mom with how she was pushing her dog around in the stroller. The dog has this tremendous smile on his face, and if he could talk he would say he’s smiling because he doesn’t have to walk and is being treated like a baby.

FullSizeRenderAs I began to stroll through the park further, a father swinging his son caught my eye. The scene spoke to me so much because African American men are mostly stereotyped to not be in their child’s life while they’re growing up. But, He decided to alter the mindsets of many that day. He took out time, on a weekday, a work day, to spend time with his child at the park. The smallest things make the biggest difference.

For the next picture I didn’t have to stroll through the park, it actually came to me. After I was taking the picture above, I turned around to notice this amazing vibrant smile on this young kid’s face as he was running toward the tree to start climbing up it. The moment of him spending time in nature with that tree was so special to him it was above everything else. The tree had become his best friend and he had become part of the tree.


Thank you for reading A Day in City Park!


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