24 Carrot Magic!

It’s a PIZZA PARTY! Image result for pizza party gif On 3-25-17, 24 Carrot Garden scheduled to host its first pizza party! Guest from all over the neighborhood were in attendance, Kirsha Kaechele (the creator and owner of 24 Carrot Garden traveled fromĀ Hobart, Australia), and more of MONA employees.


Thursday the 23rd was garden time, but considering that the guest were already in town. They brought to the table an attractive activity for the space that night. It was making different types of pottery bowls, cups, and even free styling making mini boats for the experienced.

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Without exception everyone loved the moment. The activity was more of a bonding space for everyone to get to know each other better and learn something new.

“Look at the cup I made! We should do this more often,” said DaeDae who is pictured above.


As the pizza party began, so did the festivities. From face painting, book reading

, salsa making, pizza making ,and other variations of foods.IMG_0380.JPG The pizza making and face painting sought out the most attention from the kids.

“Getting my face painted makes me feel fabulous and smart like my shirt says and who doesn’t like their face getting painted,” said Ola. Face painting is one of the few activities where a service for children is marketed directly to children in real time, and the child present picks the product directly in from of the marketer, with the marketer being able to immediately influence the choice.

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ovenWith the new pizza oven built, not only just the garden could enjoy the oven but the entire community, and that’s what everyone was in attendance for! 24 Carrot Garden catered to you! you could make any variety of pizza you want.

The first pizzas out the oven were magic! They showed that everything from building the pizza oven to finishing at the pizza party had been accomplished. And they were going like money falling off trees they were so good! When asked if he liked his pizza Mario could barely stop eating it to say “yes he loved it!”

The pizza oven is a tool for showing 24 Carrot Gardens gratitude. That all of the volunteers and the hard work that is put into the garden and mentoring the kids, doesn’t go unnoticed.

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