24 Carrot Garden Nola

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”- Mahatma Gandhi


Within the small population of the youth that regularly attend the 24 Carrot Program, there is a dire need for creating a viable alternative outlook on living within the gentrifying neighborhood of St. Roch fraught with many complexities resulting from the diverse cultures and conditions residents deal with on a daily basis.

A majority of the 24 Carrot Garden youth come from four to five families living within a blocks of the site. Many of the older siblings and cousins are expected to be responsible for their younger family members without being given positive skills in soliciting a desired result or having much time off to be the children they were meant to be rather than the pressures outside the garden of growing up quick, the youth at the garden have thrived on having a chance to individuate and have deepened their engagement with the garden programming because of having been given specialized focus attention rather than always being pulled into “minding the younguns”.

The reality these youth face today is exacerbated by the unresolved trauma in their daily lives after a shooting or another violent crime reported stemming from Katrina post traumatic stress.

“Teach a person to fish, they can fish for a lifetime,” is a Chinese proverb that has become a motto which describes the strength of our programming so far.

The “Power-with” verses “Power-over” approach is paying off in spades as the importance of seeing a child for who they are and what they are willing to bring to the table, no matter what the contribution. When contributions are negative, we aim to redirect to another choice that benefits the whole of the group working in cooperation of accomplishing mutual goals.

Last Thursday with the election approaching, Miss T wanted the kids who attended to express their feelings about a new president being elected. At first some were confused or mad, but after Miss T let them express their feelings, she presented them with a different point of view of the moment.

“There is so much hate and tension being thrown around right now, we need to spread love and peace because that’s what we are about and you might not realize it but the new president needs that the most right now.”-Miss T

Out of that speech came these pictures being drawn–

Showing that we should love all and in the gardens foundation we are about loving all.

The enormous vibrant hearts that bloomed from the speech are simply showing how big Americas heart should be, even though they might not like the views on certain things.

Superman is a symbol of what Barack Obama meant to the kids.


The children are the flowers and President Obama to him was always flying around to protecting his back, like superman.


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